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Audit reliability

Held to the highest quality standards per International Standards on Auditing (ISAs), ensuring that our services meet your expectations.

Experienced auditors

Extensive experience and a methodical approach allow us to generate enduring, professional partnerships.

Integrity and professionalism

An innovative and ethical approach empowers auditing committees and management to seek and find solutions.


Financial audits

Annual account audits

An independent audit offers every stakeholder a true and fair view of the entity’s financial statements. Groupe Audit Belgium will help your entity to comply with legal standards and endeavors to expand your organization’s growth potential.

Combining a global audit strategy with specialized industry knowledge, we provide esteemed services to clients across all major sectors. Our auditors have received comprehensive training and maintain an impartial mindset to guarantee top-notch, professional results. Groupe Audit Belgium is devoted to the expert execution of audits, proving themselves as experts in this area.

Mergers and acquisitions

Our highly trained and experienced professionals are ready to support you both short and long-term. With our outstanding technical proficiency in various sectors, we can guarantee the highest quality of service.

Groupe Audit’s meticulous due diligence and the dedicated work of lawyers and other professionals make us your invaluable companion when making pivotal investment decisions.

Our globally diverse teams are versed in multiple languages, so we can work together no matter where you’re based, within Europe or the United States.

Legal assignments

Our team of professionals is equipped to support you with any special audit assignment. We specialize in services such as contributions in kind, company liquidation, corporate structure modifications, mergers, and all other transactions requiring a certified auditor’s approval by law.

Our office takes on numerous special audit assignments every year and ensures efficient and qualitative results. Depending on each task’s peculiarities, we collaborate with external advisors consisting of seasoned professionals such as lawyers, tax specialists, and accountants to guarantee success.

At Groupe Audit Belgium, we are committed to delivering extraordinary quality audits regardless of the size and complexity of the organization.

From multinational companies to small businesses, public entities, or non-profits—we provide specialized services tailored to each structure’s needs.

Groupe Audit Belgium has the necessary insider knowledge to complete every audit promptly. The reliability of our auditors also guarantees a long-lasting partnership and superior customer satisfaction.

Commitment to Quality

Experience the difference with Groupe Audit Belgium, where our stringent quality standards and exceptional results set us apart. Whether you need financial audits or legal and due diligence assignments completed, we are a trusted partner who will provide superior service.

Groupe Audit Belgium is committed to upholding the highest quality standard by adhering to International Standards on Auditing (ISAs), ethical integrity, and professional conduct within our office. We are also a member of the Forum of Firms, an association of international networks that includes 27 of the world’s leading audit firms.

Our team Belgium

Werner Claeys

Certified auditor

Philippe Boesmans

Certified auditor

Bart Jorens

Certified auditor

            David Augustinus

Certified auditor

Sophie Tuyttens

Certified auditor

Julien Tison

Certified auditor

             Frank Graré

Certified auditor

Nele Marckx

Certified auditor

Jacques Clocquet

Honorary Certified auditor

Jan Huygens

Honorary Certified auditor

Robin Claes

Audit manager

Emmy Schepmans

Senior Auditor

Thomas Demaeseneer
 Senior Auditor
Jarne Beneens

 Senior Auditor

Lisa Torfs


Lucien Surleraux

Charlotte Dieu


Brent Vangestel


Ann-Sophie Ravert


Joren Vanstallen


 Sargis Karapetyan


Nihal Denizkurt


new colleague


Svetlana Ciumac

                Office Manager


Quality is at the center of our auditing process. We are committed to ensuring that each audit meets high standards and provides accurate results.

Our teams are comprised of experienced auditors who strive to build a collaborative and long-term relationship with you and your stakeholders throughout the process.

Groupe Audit Belgium

Our esteemed clients choose us for our unparalleled professionalism

Groupe Audit Belgium’s team of professionals will provide a quality, dependable experience.

It can be overwhelming to go through an audit, which is why it’s essential to enlist the expertise of a qualified and experienced auditing team. At Groupe Audit Belgium, we ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible while providing accurate results.


Here’s what to expect from us…

  • We prioritize the integrity of our planning, management, and quality control protocols.
  • We conduct in-depth risk assessments to gain a more comprehensive understanding of our client’s environment.
  • We generate insightful reports for audit committees to provide meaningful direction and development of the internal controls.
  • We customize our approach and application to match the sector and size of the client for an optimized audit that delivers maximum value.

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